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Hier haben wir eine Auswahl der wichtigsten akademischen Veröffentlichungen, sortiert nach Erscheinungsjahr, zusammengestellt. Diese Liste wird regelmäßig aktualisiert.


  • Locke, C.; Guggemos, M.; Maier, L.; Hartmann, C.; Volk, W.; Günther, D.: Hybrid joining of cast aluminum and sheet steel through compound sand casting and induction heating to enable thin-walled lightweight structures. Journal of Materials Processing Technology 324, 2024, 118261; doi:10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2023.118261


  • Erhard, P.; Hartmann, C.; Li, R.; Volk, W.; Günther, D.: Advanced Procedures for Series Production with 3D Printed Core Packages. International Journal of Metalcasting 17, 2023.
  • Deng, F.; Klan, S.; Schilling, M.: Optimization Concept for Dot-peen Marking of Al-Si Alloy Cast Parts. GIESSEREI 110, pp.60-63
  • Plötz, M.; Kirchebner, B.; Volk, W.; Lechner, P.: Influence of Thermal Process Parameters on the Properties of Material Jetted CuSn8 Components. Materials Science and Engineering A, 2023.
  • Hoyer, J.; Kammerloher, S.; Volk, W.: Compound Casting and Following Process Route. InCeight Casting C8, 2023, Fraunhofer Verlag 2023, E-ISBN: 978-3-8396-1892-9
  • Deng, F.; Attaluri, M.; Klan, S.; Volk, W.: Thickness on the Thermal Analysis, As-cast Surface Roughness, and Microstructure in Aluminum Alloy Permanent Mold Casting. InCeight Casting C8, 2023, Fraunhofer Verlag 2023, E-ISBN: 978-3-8396-1892-9
  • Locke, C.; Guggemos, M.; Gruber, M.; Maier, L.; Mayr, L.; Weiß, T.; Volk, W.; Günther, D.: Compound Casting of Aluminum with Sheet Steel in 3D Sand Casting Using an Inductive Heating System. Metals 13, 2023, no. 2: 354;
  • Dobmeier, F.; Li, R.; Ettemeyer, F.; Mariadass, M.; Lechner, P.; Volk, W.; Günther, D.: Predicting and Evaluating Decoring Behaviour of Inorganically Bound Sand Cores, Using XGBoost and Artificial Neural Networks. Applied Science 2023, 13(13), 7948,
  • Erhard, P.; Taha, I.; Günther, D.: Influence of the Resin System and Sand Type on the Infiltration of 3D-Printed Sand Tools. Materials 2023, 16(16), 5549;
  • Erhard, P.; Tanjavooru, V.T.; Hartmann, Ch.; v. d. Bosch, L.; Seidel, A.; Volk, W.; Günther, D.: Simulation of Binder Infiltration in Additive Manufacturing of Sand Molds. Advanced Engineering Materials 2023, Vol.25, Issue. 20,
  • Locke, C.; Polzin, H.; Bissels, J. et al.: Production of Inorganic Hollow Cores Using Sacrificial Ice Cores. Inter. Metalcast. 2023,
  • Bauer, C.; Erber, M.; Fuchs, G.; Brügge, T.; Hartmann, Ch.; Volk, W.: Analysis of the melting and solidification process of aluminum in a mirror furnace using Fiber-Bragg-Grating and numerical models. IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 2023, 1281 012063,


  • Erhard, P.; Seidel, A.; Vogt, J.; Volk, W.; Günther, D.: Evaluation and optimisation of a slurry-based layer casting process in additive manufacturing using multiphase simulations and spatial reconstruction. Production Engineering Volume 16, 2022, pages 43–54,
  • Erhard, P.; Angenoorth, J.; Vogt, J.; Spiegel, J.; Ettemeyer, F.; Volk, W.; Günther, D.: Characterization of Slurry-Cast Layer Compounds for 3D Printing of High Strength Casting Cores. Materials  14 (20), 2022, 6149;
  • Erber, M.; Rosnitschek; Hartmann, Ch.; Alber-Laukant, B.; Tremmel, S.; Volk, W.: Geometry-based Assurance of Directional Solidification for Complex Topology-optimized Castings using the Medial Axis Transform. Computer-Aided Design 152, 2022, 103394,
  • Hartmann, Ch.; van den Bosch, L.; Spiegel, J.; Rumschöttel, D.; Günther, D.: Removal of Stair-Step Effects in Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing Using Grayscale and Dithering-Based Droplet Distribution. Materials, 15(11), 2022, 3798,
  • Hoyer, J.; Kammerloher, S; Holzer, K.; Volk, W; Liu, Z.; Ringel, A.; Hirt, G.: Flat rolling of continuously cast Al-Cu compound strips with structured interface, 36. Aachener Stahlkolloquium Umformtechnik, 2022, Tagungsband S.487, ISBN: 978-3-95886-460-3
  • Deng, F.; Attaluri, M.; Klan, S.; Volk, W.: An Indirect Evaluation Method of Mold Coating Thickness in AlSi Alloy Permanent Mold Casting Production. Int. Journal of Metalcasting, 2022,
  • Plötz, M.; Kirchebner, B.; Volk, W.; Lechner, P.: Analysis of CuSn8 components manufactured unsing the material jetting process. Proceedings Copper Alloys 2022-2, Kupferverband 2022, ISSN: 978-3-910411-01-2


  • Günther, D.; Erhard, P.; Schwab, S.; Taha, I.: 3D Printed Sand Tools for Thermoforming Applications of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites – A Perspective. Materials  14 (16), 2021, 4639,
  • Kammerloher, S.; Hoyer, J.; Lechner, P.; Mittler, T.; Volk, W.: A Method for Characterising the Influence of Casting Parameters on the Metallurgical Bonding of Copper and Steel Bimetals. Materials 14, 2021, 6223,
  • Kirchebner, B.; Ploetz, M.; Rehekampff, Ch.; Lechner, P.; Volk, W.: Influence of Salt Support Structures on Material Jetted Aluminum Parts. Materials 14 (15), 2021, 4072,
  • Greß, T.; Glück Nardi, V.; Schmid, S.; Hoyer, J.; Rizaiev, Y.; Boll, T.; Seils, S.; Tonn, B.; Volk, W.: Vertical continuous compound casting of copper aluminum bilayer rods. Journal of Materials Processing Technology 288, 2021,
  • Ettemeyer, F.; Schweinefuß, M.; Lechner, P.; Stahl, J.; Greß, T.; Kaindl, J.; Durach, L.; Volk, W.; Günther, D.: Characterisation of the decoring behaviour of inorganically bound cast-in sand cores for light metal casting. Journal of Materials Processing Technology 296, 2021
  • Kirchebner, B., Rehekampff, C., Tröndle, M. et al.: Analysis of salts for use as support structure in metal material jetting. Production Engineering Volume 15, 2021, pages 855-862,
  • Lechner, P.; Heinle, P.; Hartmann, C.; Bauer, C.; Kirchebner, B.; Dobmeier, F.; Volk, W.: Feasibility of Acoustic Print Head Monitoring for Binder Jetting Processes with Artificial Neural Networks. Applied Science 11 (22), 2021, 10672,
  • Deng, F.; Li, R.; Klan, S.; Volk, W.: Comparative evaluation of marking methods on cast parts of Al-Si alloy with image processing. International Journal of Metalcasting (2021),

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